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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Good Place to Get Your Work Published

Dear Writers and Potential Writers seeking to get your work published:

I just wanted to drop in and do some shameless self-promotion by writing a little about Spotlight on Recovery, a magazine that gives "voice to the therapeutic community." If you enjoy reading and writing self-help material, this is a great resource you can query to get published. I recently had an article published titled, "Facing Fear Head-On: Self Defense Empowers Women to Go from Victim to Survivors."

For first-time writers wanting to get their foot through the publishing door, and get paid for it, this is a great place to start. Familiarize yourself with the content by ordering the November issue on "Overcoming Your Fears." I believe the magazine is $2.95. The Editor is Robin Graham. She's very professional and will respond to your queries in less than two weeks. As with many media venues, it did take awhile to see it in print, but nonetheless, here it is. She posts her call for entries on her home page at:

Click on the picture
to view excerpts and table of contents

Here's a snippet from my article:
One woman broke down and froze right next to me. I held back tears as counselors gathered round and asked, "Were you raped?" She could only nod. I had to think of a happy place, focus on my group and keep going. Another woman came to our group from a counselor who coached her and said, "We're going to do this again, and this time you're gonna fight. You can DO this!" I could only watch as her lips quivered and her closed eyelids twitched, awaiting my husband's chokehold from a standing position. I saw that woman open her eyes and unleash a firestorm on him as she kicked, kneed and battled her way out...

You may contact her through email or snail mail at:

R.Graham Publishing Company
9602 Glenwood Road # 140
Brooklyn, NY 11236


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