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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An Exercise to Get the Creative Juices Going

Sometimes I find myself in a writing slump and that writing muse simply refuses to cooperate with me, or she throws one of her moody temper tantrums and boycotts the use of her ideas all together. Whenever that does happen, and I'm starving for a new idea, here's one little exercise I like to use to get those creative juices back on track.

1. Pick ten random letters of the alphabet, and write them at the top of a blank page. For ex:
2. Write three random opening sentences with words that begin with these letters in the same order. You can add one or two words if you need the sentence to makes sense or feel complete, but try to see if you can stick to only the letters you selected.  For ex:

"Ben Forgot." George, jaded, incensed, and wet, entered town.
"Blue forests grow, June!" Ian affirmed daily when entering Trudy's store.
"Been Forever!" Giselle jumped into Adam's den. "Why?!" enraged, Tom left the room.
3. Out of the three sentences pick the one that calls to you the most. Now try and see if you can turn that sentence into a paragraph and that paragraph into a story.

You will find that the ideas are there, and whether the muse is asleep or not, your subconscious mind will jump-start that thought process and help you come up with an original and interesting story to write. All you have to do is sit there and make yourself do it.

Care to share what you came up with on this exercise? Do you feel it triggered or helped you write? If so, please share your story. I would love to read it. If you liked this little exercise or would like something motivational to help you jump-start that brain power and motivate you to write, feel free to also follow me also on Facebook's Writingjax page. Every day there is something for every writer to help them keep moving that pen! Also, are you a teacher or student who could use a few ideas in writing-- or do you know someone who does? Feel free to share this blog with them and encourage them to subscribe. Until next time, keep writing!

All my best,

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